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Welcome to
Resurrection Catholic Primary School

Private school Principal

I am grateful to be the leader of this vibrant, diverse and energetic learning community.  


I thank God each morning that I have been blessed with the opportunity to spend my days helping to mold and educate His greatest gifts, your children. I am greeted each morning by shining faces and abundant energy from our students as I welcome them to school.  Our hallways and classrooms are filled with energy and the sounds of joyful children who are engaged and curious about the community in which they live and the larger world around them. They are innately spiritual, compassionate, creative, and filled with desire to ask big questions and pursue new paths to discovery.


​Please explore our website and discover the richness of our program. Come see Resurrection and feel the excitement and energy our children feel every day. Take a tour, meet our staff, and see for yourself our light-filled, spacious classrooms. I promise you will wish that you attended Resurrection when you were a young child.


I look forward to meeting you soon.


Tresa Rast 



Our Mission

Resurrection Catholic Primary School is a loving, faith community of students, staff and families devoted to the spiritual, emotional and intellectual development of each child. As unique creations of God, our children are empowered to use their active and creative minds, to grow in understanding and compassion for others and to have the courage to live their beliefs. 


About Us

Opened in 2013 as a ministry of Resurrection Catholic Parish, our school was a one-room preschool serving 12 families who trusted and believed in our vision for an exceptional preschool.


Today, Resurrection Catholic Primary School is the only Catholic School in the Portland area that focuses exclusively on the early years of education (ages 3 - 11). In our years of experience, we've come to understand that these early years are the most crucial formative years for each child. These years set a foundation of learning, spiritual growth and confidence for everything to come.  We specialize in guiding this impressionable age group, because the start of your child's school experience should be nothing short of exceptional.

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Primary school kids