Take a Peek Inside our Kindergarten Classroom


Kindergartners are bubbling with new thoughts and ideas. Our kindergarten curriculum is aligned with state standards and integrates social studies, science, math, art, and technology, fostering a growing understanding of how everything in our world is interconnected. As kids settle down to work, they apply the reading, writing, and math skills they began developing in their preschool years. Both small and whole group instruction bring reading and writing to life.  In our art studio, kindergartners are free to express their newfound ideas in creative ways through paint, print-making, clay, and recycled materials. Through science and social studies exploration, our students learn about our world and cultivate critical thinking skills.


Morning Meeting and daily routines provide multiple opportunities for whole group discussion and mini-lessons that take the Kinders into the work of the day.  Opportunities to be authors, illustrators, speakers and scientists are abundant in this classroom.  Just as important, our kinders work hard on regulating their emotions, being good friends and doing small and great things for the greater good.